Best Kratom Recipes

Kratom is an herb that’s derived from the leaves of the kratom tree (Mitragyna Speciosa), which is native to southeast Asia. In native cultures, the leaves are chewed fresh, but in the west, where kratom is rapidly growing in popularity, dried, ground-up kratom extract or powdered is the standard.

Kratom is not known for having a great taste; in fact, it’s quite bitter. Many individuals opt to mix the powder with a sweet substance like pudding or apple sauce. Others brew kratom tea, which is created by blending 50 grams of kratom with every liter of water and boiling for about 15 minutes. The tea can then be kratom-tearefrigerated or even frozen to preserve freshness. But even the tea isn’t known for its flavor; it too is bitter, though a bit of sugar can help to improve the taste. Some even add clear spirits.

Kratom is known as an effective alternative to painkillers, and it’s increasingly favored among individuals who are self-weaning from opiates. Kratom eases withdrawal symptoms like pain, chills, vomiting, diarrhea and anxiety.

With this rapid increase in popularity, more and more individuals are seeking more appetizing alternatives to the traditional kratom preparations. So an array of kratom recipes have surfaced in recent months. After all, kratom is traditionally used as a seasoning in an array of dishes. Consider the following dishes to make your kratom more appetizing!

Sugar does not impact the effects of kratom, so if you find that one of these preparations is a bit too bitter for your preference, add a bit of sugar!

Kratom and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Sprinkle kratom on top of the cheese in a sandwich. Then, grill into an otherwise-traditional grilled cheese sandwich.

Kratom on Pizza
Sprinkle a bit of kratom on top of your pizza. Many enjoy kratom as a spice with benefits!

Kratom Chocolate
Thoroughly mix kratom powder with melted chocolate and allow it to cool at room temperature. The chocolate can be eaten straight or you can chop it up and kratom-cookiesbake it into cookies.

Kratom and Seltzer
If you’re swallowing kratom powder, try seltzer or sparkling water as a chaser. The carbonation helps to make it a bit more palatable and easier to swallow.

Kratom and Honey or Jam
Mix kratom powder into honey or jam and eat raw or spread it onto a bit of bread or toast. The sweetness counteracts the bitterness. And it’s a great breakfast treat! Though the bread can slow the absorption process slightly.

Kratom and Jell-O
Mix kratom powder into the water and gelatin mix, then refrigerate for kratom-spiked Jell-O cubes!

kratom-smoothieKratom Tea Blends
Blend kratom tea with other tea types, like ginger, chai or chamomile. You can also add sugar, milk or honey to achieve a sweeter flavor.

Kratom Milkshakes
Milk has the ability to neutralize a component in kratom, called tannins. This helps to reduce the bitterness.

Notably, it’s best to eat kratom on an empty stomach, as this accelerates the absorption process. Remember that the more you eat, the slower you’ll absorb the kratom and the more you’ll need to eat in order to achieve the desired effect.

Also, if you’re devising or tailoring your own kratom recipes, remember to avoid foods that contain fatty acids, as this can interfere with kratom and its effects.


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